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Premier Provider Education Webinar PDFs

Click Here for PDF versions of the March 17, 2021 & Click Here for February 17, 2021 provider education webinars.

Telehealth Services for PHE for the COVID-19 pandemic Updated effective 10/14/2020

Download the Excel file here…

Public Health Emergency has been extended to Jan 31, 2021

Learn more here…

Telehealth Expanded COVID-19 Payor Coverage Terminations

Learn more by reading the PDF here…

2021 ICD 10 Guidelines for COVID effective 10/1/2020

These are the new ICD-10 Guidelines that go into effect 10/1/2020 specifically to COVID. All other guidelines for COVID will expire. Learn more by reading the PDF here…

Telehealth Expanded COVID-19 Payor Coverage Terminations

See the update here

COVID-19 Billing and Documentation Tip Sheet

See the update here

COVID-19 Counseling and Testing

Download the presentation from here

DSHS Announce Statewide COVID-19 Test Collection Online Map

The Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) and the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) have launched an online COVID-19 test collection map to help Texans locate test collection sites within their community. Click here

Risk Adjustment

Applicability of diagnoses from telehealth services for risk adjustment. Read the PDF here

Helpful Hints for Patient Outreach

Direct patient outreach can both increase your patient visits and protect your patients’ health outcomes.  These are the compliant and meaningful contact options for PCPs. Click here…

COVID-19 Best Practices for Clinics & Re-opening

Limit how germs can enter the facility. Limit walk-in appointments. If a patient needs a same-day appointment, post a sign on the door with your practice office phone number and have them call and wait in the car and ask symptoms before they enter the clinic. Learn more here

Virtual Visits

Learn more about COVID-19 Virtual Visits & Telemedicine…Click Here

Telehealth Services

Documentation requirements for a
telehealth service are the same as for a
face-to-face encounter. The information
of the visit, the history, review of
systems, consultative notes, and any
information used to make a medical
decision about the patient should be
documented. Learn more – Click Here

Telehealth for Risk Adjustment

CMS has issued new guidance to clarify which telehealth services are valid for HHS-operated risk adjustment data submission in response to COVID-19. Among the changes: HHS will designate six e-visit codes as valid for the 2020 benefit year. These CPT codes (99421-99423) and HCPCS codes (G2061-G2063), which were effective January 1, 2020, are generally for short online assessments where qualified healthcare professionals review patient input and determine whether an office visit is warranted. These e-visit codes allow for online evaluation and management (E&M) or professional assessment conducted via a patient portal. The CPT set is for use by physicians and other qualified health professionals who may independently bill for E&M visits.

COVID-19 Related Diagnoses

Check out our COVID-19 Diagnosis guide here

Guide to Advanced Payment

Learn more about requesting accelerated or advanced payments here

2020 Quality Measures

Get a detailed look into the 2020 Quality Measures and Checklist. Read the PDF by clicking here

COVID-19: Billing Tips

Some important billing tips for COVID-19. Find them here

Best Practices for Clinics

Limit how germs can enter the facility. Limit walk in appointments. If a patient needs a same day appointment, post a sign on the door with your practice office phone number and have them call and wait in the car and ask symptoms before they enter the clinic.

Some other suggestions include:

• Cancel elective procedures

• Use telemedicine when possible

• Limit points of entry and manage visitors

• Screen patients for respiratory symptoms

• Encourage patient respiratory hygiene using alternatives to facemasks

For sick patients, have patient enter through one door and immediately go into exam room. For routine patients, encourage patient to do telemedicine visits to lessen exposure.

Waiting areas:

• Try to limit patient time in wait area to less than 5 minutes before he/she goes into exam room

• Have 2 different waiting areas “sick” and “well” • Separate patients with respiratory symptoms so that they are not waiting among other patients seeking care. Identify a separate, well-ventilated space that allows waiting patients and visitors to be separated.

• Upon entering into the practice, ask the patient the following question (if yes to at least 3, send to testing): Do you have a fever? Shortness of breath? Cough? Have you been around anyone who is sick? Traveled outside your normal area?

Encourage patients to have pharmacy delivery.

 Telemedicine Solutions

Premier has a partnership with NavCare, a telehealth vendor that practices can use to engage patients in remote patient monitoring and comprehensive care management. To adapt to the COVID-19 emergency, this vendor also offers an optional telemedicine platform for providers to integrate during this time. Click on this link to learn more about RPM and the benefits. Please contact your PBE for more information.

Important Updates for our Provider Community

At Premier we see healthcare evolving: more virtual, less commercial, and more value based. We want to work with providers and get their tele-health streamlined.

Premier is coordinating with the federal government to tap into incentives as a group. We are working with payors to drive dollars to you for quality payments in advance.

We have energized our ancillary programs that pay more than before such as CPL, RPM and Premier Rx. Furthermore, we are in discussions with a major payor to give fixed dollars per patient per month to our providers.

Learn more about Premier’s Telemedicine platform backed by a CBO can maximize your practices’ virtual operations.We are approaching Telemedicine not only as a technology platform but will also include a Central Business Office (CBO) which calls patients to schedule appointments and maintain a healthy calendar for the practices.

Providers can learn more from our Thursday webinars, weekly emails and website updates. We’ve customized our communications to understand your unique needs.

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