Frequently Asked Questions

Addressing the needs of an evolving market


Who is Premier Management Company. Are they different from Sybrid Health?

Premier Management Company is a new business entity that is dedicated exclusively to the growth and success of the Premier Network of companies and our partners. Many of the executive management team you recognize from Sybrid Health now work exclusively for Premier Management Company while Sybrid Health will continue providing great service and value to other medical organizations.

How can Premier Management Company help me/my practice?

Premier Management Company exists to support the long-term success of primary care physicians and groups, many of whom will be hard-pressed to continue practicing quality medicine while keeping up with regulatory and structural changes to the healthcare system. Our successful track record has given us the experience to help physicians work smarter in the new healthcare reality, where less, more-focused work helps produce more revenue while tapping maximum from value based bonuses. Premier and our partner physicians work as true strategic partners towards a common goal of maximizing practice revenue and quality of care.

Why should I consider aligning with Premier and changing the way my practice has always operated?

Healthcare has already moved from a traditional Fee-For-Service payment model to one that relies heavily on value-based services, quality and reporting. Physicians simply cannot continue to work in the same way if they want to survive, let alone thrive, in this new reality. Independent physicians and groups can remodel themselves to best take advantage of operating in this new era of care, but they can’t do it alone. By choosing alignment with an experienced partner like Premier you can take the guesswork and struggle out of transitioning your practice into the present reality. We help make this transition painless and fruitful by providing a system that is very easy to adopt, placing your practice on a pathway that will generate greater revenue while fostering healthier patients with less effort.

What specific value does Premier bring to partner physicians and practices?

The Premier model helps practices offer new services to patients, including extensive Care Coordination as well as, social, financial and logistics support where needed. While these services are provided and executed by Premier, partner physicians stay in the driver’s seat, using powerful proprietary tools and technology to oversee, control and manage every aspect of the service. By helping with care coordination and patient support, it allows your practice to focus that energy on providing quality care to a wider number of patients while opening opportunities for additional revenue streams.

What kind of support does Premier offer my practice?

Premier provides a dedicated Physician Liaison Team to our partner practices. Your liaison will help your practice integrate with Premier on multiple levels, training, educating and communicating with physicians, office managers and staff. After initial on-boarding liaisons stay in close contact with their designated practices providing direct support and outreach helping to ensure that you are up to speed on key programs and technologies that will help your practice grow and prosper.

How does Premier help me find additional revenue streams?

At Premier we realize that your success is our success. As such, we use our industry expertise, reputation and collective bargaining power to enter into diversified and advantageous relationships with both payors and ancillary partners. As part of our organization, you’ll have access to these opportunities—many of which an independent provider or group could not negotiate on their own.